Astronomy Project

Because you are in an Earth Science course and not an astronomy course, we just don’t have time to talk about all the really cool stuff there is to talk about. This project will allow you to investigate a topic of astronomical interest. 

Due Dates
1/10 - Sign up
1/19 - References
2/1 - Outline
2/14 - Project Due
1.  Sign up - January 10th

Astronomy Project Topic Selection

2. List of references - January 19th

example of intext citations:

Black holes can rip stars apart (NASA, 2004). 

“To avoid plagiarizing an author’s language, set the source aside, write from memory, and consult the source later to check for accuracy. This strategy prevents you from being captivated by the words on the page” (Hacker, 2000, p. 147).

3. Turn in an information outline - February 1st

    You can hand write it or type it up

4. Project due - February 11th