Field Notebooks

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The creation and use of field notebooks in a secondary environmental science elective. 

From the class syllabus:

 Approximately 40% of our class time will be spent outside. Students will be required to keep a field notebook detailing how this time is spent. 


Each student in the class created their own field notebook, following directions found here. I glue a ribbon to the spine to make the notebooks more rugged.

The front of each field notebook contains a daily checklist, which also serves as a simple rubric. 

Next there is a table of contents.

The bulk of the the book is a combination of graph paper, lined paper and blank.

At the back of the book I have a few simple id guides. 


Weather permitting, the class journeys outside. Some days they complete labs, other days they work on sketching and identifying different plants, animal tracks, scat, etc...