Layer A&B Assignments

Snapshot of an Earth Scientist 
(10 points)
1. Describe the historical period in which the scientist lived.
2. How did this scientist contribute to the Earth Sciences?
3. Cite all resources using APA 6th (see citation machine below or Ms. Miller for assistance).  
How you present this information is up to you. 

Current Events*
Part 1 - Summary
Part 2 - Impact
Part 3 - Reaction 
- All sections are in paragraphs of at least 5 sentences each. 
- Few spelling and grammar mistakes. 
- Include References (see Citation Machine )

- Accurate information from article is given. 
- All info - Who, What, Where, Why,  When included
- Understanding of science concepts is evident.

- The impact of the article is discussed and includes some or all of the following:
• How the article will impact the community, the world, or our local area 
• Further action/research needed by community or citizens. 
• Depending on topic: consequences, possible solutions. 
• Impact on other areas: government (laws),  etc. business, etc. 

When discussing the impact of the article, you may focus on the impact of the article itself (making the issue known) or the  impact of the issue discussed in the article. 

Student writes a personal reaction to the article. 
Includes the following: 
• Opinion about issues/ views in the article. 
• Any personal action that will be taken as a result of reading the article. 

A Short list of some Earth Scientists (feel free to find others)
Alfred Wegener       Sally Ride
Harry Hess             Jerrie Cobb
Charles Lyell           Barbara Williams
James Hutton          Stephen Hawking
Mary Anning            Marie Sanderson
Florence Bascom    Valentina Tereshkova
Katia Krafft            Ellen Ochoa
Keiiti Aki                Hypatia
Neil deGrass Tyson    

Places to find Earth Science Current Events:

Media Analysis
One of the great things about Earth Science is that it's everywhere in our lives including in media such as books, tv and movies. 

Your task is to use a book you've read recently or a tv show/movie you've watched and highlight how well it represented science. 

Each of the following should be at least a paragraph. 
1. Summarize the story. 
2. Describe the Earth Science in the story. 
3. Do some research and then discuss if the Earth Science is presented in a realistic way.