Rock Cycle Project

You are going to invent a model of the rock cycle, and then create it. You will then present your model, method and results to the class in a science fair format.  

Procedure due May 4th

Project due May 11th 


  • We have a clear question (How could the rock cycle be modeled using _________?)
  • We clearly lists materials and safety
  •  We have a step by step procedure that describes where, when and how the model is built.
  • We have a model that shows the rock cycle clearly and with lots of detail
  •  We show all of the processes in the rock cycle.
  • We have a samples of each rock type using our model material
  •  We accurately described where each process takes place on/in Earth
  • We answered all six parts of the conclusion with lots of detail.
  • We are able to share many details about the project

Write a brilliant conclusion.

1.     How did you answer your question? (1-2 sentence summary of procedure)

2.     How well did your model work?

3.     What was good about your model?

4.     What could be improved on your model?

5.     What problems did you have and how did you overcome them?

6.     What is at least one question that your answer leads you to ask?

Some useful websites: