STANYS 2011 - iPods in the Classroom

“Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia."  - John Green

Sarah Miller
Deposit High School

Classroom Management

 Scaffolding iPod usage and management

One step at a time!

Don't assume your students have ever seen an iPod Touch or are at all tech savvy.

 "Checking out" and "checking in" iPods


Cheap jewelery organizer, label the pockets with numbers matching the iPods (one per class)

One pair of headphones per student will save a lot of issues. Students may bring their own, but many forget. 
 Making sure they're on task
 Syncing, Charging and keeping track off

iPod numbers

Get them engraved

download backgrounds here

 Find My iPod app

SOP for Fire Drills and other unexpected interruptions (suddenly no wifi)

QR Codes - getting everyone on the right website all at once.

Creating and Measuring Understanding

 My web app for Earth Science (Notes)

To make this look like a native app, use the link above,then select the button circled in red.

Select Add to Home Screen


 Give it just a second to load the correct icon, then select Add.
 Checking for understanding

eClicker is a student response system. These are images from the "teacher side" of the app.

While it does have a few bugs, I've been pretty happy with it.

Google Forms as quick quizzes
- Try one!

Soils and Landscapes

    Assigning Roles in Lab
    Note-taking speed
    Reading Levels
    What to do when I'm done
 Lab Tools
    Voice Memos