Teaching Video & Analysis

Heather Miller
ETAP 590

Video Reflection

        In watching part of my videotaped lesson it was interesting to see my interaction with the students. I have a fun, almost playful attitude in class at times. You can tell that I’m trying to liven up the classroom by the way I move around and talk with energy. This class is often particularly stagnant, so it is hard to get them “pumped” for class even when we are doing something other classes would consider fun. I think my enthusiasm is a positive thing, and it is something I like about my teaching. I also think I move around the room a good deal without it being distracting. I have a nice big voice and this can be an asset too.

        There are moments when the responses of the students catch me off guard. When they respond with something I don’t know how to handle right away you can tell I’m taken aback. You can see it in my face and hear it in my voice. My cooperating teacher says I have to be very careful with what I say at times like that, even when I just make a “hmm” sound, because I come off sounding like I don’t approve of the student’s response. This is a big problem in the kind of questioning practices we use because you never want to shoot a student down. They need to feel like they can ask/say just about anything. Yet, you also don’t want to just tell them they are right all the time because we need to get them thinking for themselves. This one area of my teaching I need to work on.

        At one point during the video a student made a statement about gasoline transferring to electrical energy for lights and radio in a car. I tried to get him to tell me what kinds of energy the light and radio were associated with, but he wasn’t sure what I was asking and when I moved to another student to help out they gave me a totally different answer. I feel that I should have addressed the first student’s questions right then and there, but I was thrown off topic and it was only later that I returned to that student to clarify.

        My cooperating teacher points out that I don’t use wait time often enough. I feel like I should have given the first student more time to think things through or reworded the question in a different way. I’m still struggling to find the line between the information I should give the students and the things I should be asking them for. I also need to work on making sure all of my students get a chance to speak by asking those who don’t have their hands up as well as those who do, so it is not the same five students talking every time.

        Overall, I have a good relationship with my students and it was interesting to watch their reactions to me. I’m a bit weird, and I could see them sometimes laughing at me, which doesn’t bother me in the least. In this class especially, almost any reaction is a good one. But I know that it is something I will have to be careful of in the future as it could become a negative if the students don’t respect me.