Test Correction Guidelines

The good news: you can improve your test grade! 

The you’re-going-to-have-to-work-for-it news:

You must correctly answer all the problems you missed on the test in order to receive credit.

If any one, tiny, miniscule thing is wrong you will not receive credit for that question.

Of course, the worse you do on the test, the more work you will have. So to prevent work, do well on the tests         (See me to learn how)!

What to do:

1)    For every question you missed:

Write the question number.

A)   In your own words: what is the question asking you?

B)   What is the correct answer (letter and write it out)?

C)   For multiple-choice questions: Why is it the best choice?

For short answer: What type of question was this? (Knowledge, from ESRT, from picture or passage, skill)

D)   Why did you get this question wrong? Confused (about what specifically)? Careless? Didn’t use ESRT?


Example (Multiple-choice):

6. a. How can you tell if a hill is steep on a topo map?

  b. C, The lines are close together.

c. Choices a and b don’t mention the lines. Choice d says the lines are far apart. This means that the area is flatter. The steeper the hill, the closer the contour lines.

d. I didn’t make the connection between the spaces between contour lines and how steep hills were.


Example (Short answer):

26. a. What is the density of water?

      b. 1g/cm3

c. This is on the cover of my ESRT under “Properties of Water”

d. I didn’t look on the cover of my ESRT.


2)    Staple the corrected questions to your test, and hand in the whole packet.

3)    This is due one week after tests are returned to the class.