I'm passionate about creating systems to ensure an equitable education for all learners.

One of the things that so many of the kids I've worked with have had in common is a feeling of alienation from school. Even when they find an oasis with an individual staff member, class or activity, they don't feel connected to the school. By critically examining our curriculum and instruction, I believe we can make shifts that allow learners to see themselves as essential to our society.

While working on my way through school, I worked as an 1:1 Aide for students with disabilities. I'd watched them struggle so much and even as an adult I was often not clear on what was expected, let alone what was important enough for them to concentrate on.

When I started my MAT program, I focused on creating a guaranteed and viable curriculum for Earth Science. Clarity for me translated into clarity for the learners I was working with and allowed for more in-depth inquiry-based learning.

As I moved into administration, I once again focused on curriculum as the first step in creating access and opportunities for all learners.