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NY Times

Prepare a brief statement about what we're doing to protect ourselves from the threat of impact.

  • What percentage of “near Earth objects” have been identified?
  • When might this research be complete and at what cost?
  • What obstacles are there in developing and implementing a plan to avert disaster?

Astrophysicist (NASA)

Impact Effects


Prepare a brief statement about what happens when an impact takes place.

  • When was the last time an asteroid collided with Earth?
  • What impact did that collision have on life on Earth?
  • What range of dangers might the Earth face as a result of a collision?

Congressional Oversight Official

Congressional Hearings on NEO Survey Programs

NY Times

Prepare a brief statement about the current state of NEO survey programs.

  • What would complying with Congress’ 2005 NASA authorization bill entail?
  • What is "Spaceguard"? Is it enough?
  • How is communication between NASA and Congress? How might it be improved?

Homeland Security Officer

Journal of Homeland Security

Government Secrecy

Prepare a brief statement about the risk and allocation of Homeland Security resources.

  • Who should be responsible for planetary defense?
  • Should government plans be made public?
  • Should a potenital large impact be made public?


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