Natural Disasters Course Outline

Course Description:

Natural Disasters is a seminar style science course in which the focus is class participation. It is an interdisciplinary examination of the causes, effects, and options available to mitigate natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, flooding, severe weather, meteorite impacts and disease. The goals of this course are to understand basic Earth processes and to learn to think objectively. Together we will create a framework to aid in the understanding of the natural processes that impact our lives.

Things to know about this course:

1. We will be discussing natural disasters. Humans, buildings and (worst of all) puppies are often harmed during these events. If discussions, pictures (nothing too graphic), and/or video will upset you, then you should not take this elective.

2. The final is a log of the ten worst disasters that occur during the semester. All students will complete the final regardless of their cumulative average.

3. You will be expected to actively participate which will include speaking in front of the class.

4. You will properly cite all resources in APA 6th. Failure to do so will result in a ZERO.

5. This course is based on CURRENT natural disasters. Therefore the topic of discussion may change daily.

6. This is an upper level elective. It is assumed you have a basic understand of Earth and Biological systems processes.